Thank you for this opportunity to introduce our company.


Solid Engineering Ltd was formed in 2001 to provide a professional and cost effective freelance consulting / design service for companies looking to outsource their Mechanical Design, Industrial Design, Product Design, Research and Development or CAD overflow on a contract basis.


Solid Engineering Ltd helps inventors turn their inventions into marketable products and helps turn a small businesses into large businesses.


SolidWorks, the primary design tool used at Solid Engineering Ltd, is widely used throughout many industries including ship building, materials handling, automotive, robotics, consumer product design, machine design and building interior fit out to name but a few. The powerful 3D models created in SolidWorks enable Virtual Prototyping, on-screen assembly ensures that aesthetic form, ergonomics, performance, functional and manufacturing requirements are satisfied.


SolidWorks 3d Models are then:-


• Rendered into a photo realistic image to aid in the visualisation of the final product.
• Used in rapid prototyping.
• Easily converted into two dimensional technical / engineering drawings
• Directly interpreted by CAM software to produce the final product.

Companies currently benefiting from using Solid Engineering Ltd include:-

•  Nomad Aviation • Compac Sorting EquipmentSwashPump Technologies 

•  Monitoring Technologies DesignSmartMechCad


From small one off projects to large complex ones Auckland based Solid Engineering Ltd is capable and ready to be of service. Please contact us to discuss how Solid Engineering Ltd can assist you, with your outsourcing needs, in providing quality and cost effective well-designed solutions.


John Layne

Owner and Contractor

About Solid Engineering Ltd and SolidWorks®

Link below to a SolidWorks Demonstration Video, outlining the basic work-flow of SolidWorks. Useful viewing for those unfamiliar with SolidWorks and those coming from a 2d CAD package like AutoCad. In the movie we demonstrate the creation of simple SolidWorks Parts and Assemblies plus Drawings for an Assembly and Part.


Warning the Adobe Flash Movie is 18Mb's and is 12min in duration, broadband is STRONGLY recommended.


Click here to view: SolidWorks Demo Movie



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