SolidWorks related links:-


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Matt Lombard

Matt's site is a very useful reference. 


Product Design Forums

Thomas Parel has created a product design tutorial using SolidWorks and Surfaces, easy to follow and uses some interesting techniques.


CAD Digest SolidWorks Tutorials

CAD Digest have several Tutorials specific to SolidWorks.


Mike Wilson

Some amazing models and animations


Dimonte Group

Ed Eaton's very informative Power Point tutorials on surface modelling.


Dr J.D. Mather

Surface Modeling tutorials - not for the beginer.


Paul Salvador

Paul is a true artist with PhotoWorks


Rob Rodriguez

Rob's site is a very useful SolidWorks resource, especially for PhotoWorks


Custom Solids

Custom Property Propagator application to manage Custom Properties across multiple SolidWorks files.



Very useful Excel based engineering calculation software that plugs into SolidWorks. MitCalc also generates SolidWorks Parts and Assemblies were applicable. Excellent value for money.


Markku Lehtola

Free SolidWorks Macros and useful information, note the Custom Property Manager.


SolidWorks Tools

Macros some are free, it is a German site with the majority translated into English. Highly recommend PAC4SWX Batch printing software, that is more useful than the SolidWorks Task Scheduler.



A Sheet Metal bend deduction calculator, written by Dr Olaf Diegel, for reverse engineering K factors, the calculator also includes very reliable “rule of thumb” K factor settings.



The people who make the SpaceMouse & SpacePilot, a more or less essential addition to increase SolidWorks productivity.


Bluebeam Pushbutton Plus PDF writer

This version has a lot more to offer batch printing, watermarks and stamps. Recommend instead of Adobe Acrobat.